Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Green Tea Chicken Expiriment

This was my second attempt - to be honest, it came out only about as well as my first. 

My neighbor told me that if you throw some chicken in on a bed of uncooked rice + water, you'll have a yummy dinner.   Well, I don't much care for white rice, so I never bothered.  But then one day I saw a lemongrass chicken dinner that I couldn't eat somewhere, and thought that maybe using green tea + brown rice, I could make a yummy "one dish" meal.  Well, I'd need vegetables (a nice steamed asparagas would go well). 

So, my theory was good - I brewed about a cup and a half of a lemon-grassy green tea, added it to 3/4 cup of my favorite short grain brown rice, threw some frozen chicken on it + threw it in the oven at 350F for about an hour.   The chicken was overdone and the rice was underdone.  And I had WAY too much liquid.  And too much rice. 

Tonight I tried it again.  This time it was 1 cup of tea to 1/2 cup rice, and I tried to thaw the chicken while pre-cooking the rice for about 20minutes.  Unfortunately, I think my still-mostly-frozen chicken kept some of the rice from cooking all the way through, even though I mixed it up a bit half way through.  The rice was still a little underdone, when the chicken was done, and there was still too much liquid even though I cooked it with the lid off for the last 20 minutes. 

The flavor seems pretty good though - even with the thighs I used this time.  

I think the brown rice is really the difficult bit here - it takes much longer to cook than white rice.  But I also think it's soo much yummier that I'm keeping it! 

Next time - 2/3 cup tea, 1/2 cup rice,  cook for ~20 minutes while thawing the chicken ENTIRELY, cook another 30, stir (leave lid off if needed), cook at least 20 more minutes. 


Eileen said...

Sounds interesting Kat -I'm going to try it with a rice mix I like -PC Texmati -a blend of white and brown (Basmati),wild and red rices
I'll let you know how my experiments go -thanks for sharing .....

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